Sustainability Services

Our Sustainability Services

We take a leadership role in looking after the environment. Sustainable construction is more than just meeting certain requirements. It is about looking at the project as a whole from design to completion and finding areas where we can reduce our impact on the environment while remaining fiscally responsible.
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Used rigid foam insulation provides excellent R-Value, protection against water penetration, and an excellent vapor barrier. While saving petroleum products from entering the waste-stream. This is just one example of how we take a leadership role in securing environmentally sustainable techniques for your home remodeling project. Green building doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact this insulation retrofit provides modern building technologies with cost savings from using reclaimed materials and inventive installation techniques.

Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed Materials

Using reclaimed materials helps prevent demolition debris from entering the waste steam, prevents excessive logging by re-using old forest products that can be given a second life as structural or finish work. It also preserves the beauty of century-old craftsmanship and connects us to our history.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Preserving historic work is the number one way to prevent construction materials from entering the waste stream and protect the environment while keeping your home beautiful and functional.

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